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Architecture Design

Initially, I work closely with the client in the preparation of Concept Plans demonstrating the clients vision.

On clients approval, I develop the plans required for Building Consent (BC) application. Depending on design complexity, the client needs to engage 'other professionals' - subsequently, I adopt their recommendations & designs into the BC plans.

Eco House Design

I have a strong focus on energy efficient design & the use of sustainable building systems.

I do encourage clients to adopt 'best practice' for floor/wall/ceiling insulation. Once the Gib goes on, it is very hard to upgrade this insulation.

Lodgement with Council

On the clients behalf I lodge the completed plans with Council. If desired, clients can undertake this:- my me is reduced slightly accordingly .

It is my responsibility to address any 'Request for Information' (RFI) that arise during the Consent assessment process.


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