I Work Efficiently

To provide clients with Affordable Plans, I need to think smart & work efficiently:-
  • I don't provide a portfolio of plans. Many design companies have plan portfolios containing many plans. Often, they all look similar. It takes a lot of time to create these. Who ends up paying for these plans - the client - the competitor loading this cost into their fee to you. In my experience, clients rarely build exactly to these plans. Amendment costs are passed onto you. My clients either send me examples from the plethora of plans available on the web - OR - provide line drawings (or scribbles) of what will work for them. Together we take the journey to develop the dream specific to their needs and budget.
  • 25 years of drafting experience. My plans are clearly presented and succinct, providing the information required for BC & builders interpretation
  • I encourage clients to provide detailed information in the form of a Design Brief.
  • Initially, I provide clients with a Pre-Design List . Their information informs me of the clients  vision for the project.

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