residential houses

commercial & multi-tenancy

I am experienced in many types of residential construction.

Is your project complex & challenging? -  I do excel at difficult projects, providing solutions that CAN be built.

Call Steve & I'll discuss your proposal.

Experience in commercial & industrial buildings.

Also, multi-tenancy such as duplexes & flats.

In fact, any design that requires structural engineering, fire design, ambulant plans, & acoustic solutions.

steel beams & timber rafters

timber rafters in UB beam

As discussed above, I have a penchant for designs using complex building solutions. In these instances, I model the structural steel & demonstrate how it fits into the timber framing.

3D modeling ensures correct sizing of the expensive steel beams.

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For complex, multi-level floor framing, I'll model the framing. The right image is the steel framed sub-floor for my house - the steel was ordered as cut to order lengths. It went together like meccano - and there was no waste.

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