Affordable Plans:- How?

Experience has shown that there are ways of reducing my work-load in preparing plans for Concept, Costings & Building Consent (BC).

I provide only the information required to obtain BC & to give a clear understanding of the project to the builder

  • Firstly, I have very low overheads. In fact, I have a 'mobile office'
  • I don't do site visits. Along with client supplied information, including photos, most site information is available on the internet -the Pre-Design List details information I need.  
  • I don't do Electrical Plans - Leave that to the electrician. I suggest clients engage with their electrician to develop an electrical plan. I provide 'blank plans' for this.    
  • I don't do kitchen cabinet layout plans. I'm required to show appliance & plumbing locations, I leave the actual joinery design up to the client, project manager & joiner.    
  • I don't do photo-realistic renderings. I can, for a fee. I do produce basic 3D images to explain the design to the client - it's easier to explain compared to 2D line drawings.  
  • Truss design - Lintels - Hold-downs. Most projects involve roof trusses. A Design Certificate (PS1) must be issued for BC. These documents contain lintel sizing, & hold-downs
  • I encourage the client to provide me with as much information as possible:- Refer 'Design Process'

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